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The Python (Rare Spawn)
The Python (Rare Spawn) Size Max Players Tactics Timer Cooldown
Galactic 90000 3 24 Hours None
Difficulty Health Fair Share Optimal Share
N/A Infinite N/A N/A
Galactic, Ship, Alien Beast, Infestation
Energy, Stamina, and Honor attacks are available.
The Python is updated on 2014.07.02. loot poster is here

This Halloween-themed Rare Spawn event appeared on October 10, 2012. The official loot poster is here.

Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Stat Points Stat Points Stat
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Attack Points Attack Points 1 Stat
Defense Points Defense Points 1 Stat
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Energy Syringe (Greater) Energy Syringe (Greater) Consumable - Refill
Stamina Syringe (Greater) Stamina Syringe (Greater) Consumable - Refill
Mark IV Xenocide Mark IV Xenocide Fusion Crystal
Xeno-Hazard Helmet Xeno-Hazard Helmet 76 74 Helmet
Xeno-Hazard Gloves Xeno-Hazard Gloves 76 74 Gloves
Xeno-Hazard Boots Xeno-Hazard Boots 76 74 Boots
Xeno-Hazard Pants Xeno-Hazard Pants 76 74 Pants
Xeno-Hazard Chest Xeno-Hazard Chest 76 74 Chest
Xeno-Hazard Shield Xeno-Hazard Shield 84 92 Off Hand
Xeno-Hazard Flamethrower Xeno-Hazard Flamethrower 93 83 Main Hand
Xeno-Hazard Flame Drone Xeno-Hazard Flame Drone 145 220 Utility
Xeno-Hazard Scanner Xeno-Hazard Scanner 145 220 Trinket
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
100 Energy Syringe 100 Energy Syringe Consumable - Refill
50 Stamina Syringe 50 Stamina Syringe Consumable - Refill
Mark VI Xenocide Crystal Mark VI Xenocide Crystal Fusion Crystal
Mark VII Extreme Xenocide Crystal Mark VII Extreme Xenocide Crystal Fusion Crystal
Attack Point Grab Bag Attack Point Grab Bag Consumable
Defense Point Grab Bag Defense Point Grab Bag Consumable
Squeedlyspooch Squeedlyspooch 25 25 Utility
Infested Xeno-Hazard Helmet Infested Xeno-Hazard Helmet 102 98 Helmet
Infested Xeno-Hazard Gloves Infested Xeno-Hazard Gloves 102 98 Gloves
Infested Xeno-Hazard Boots Infested Xeno-Hazard Boots 102 98 Boots
Infested Xeno-Hazard Pants Infested Xeno-Hazard Pants 102 98 Pants
Infested Xeno-Hazard Chest Infested Xeno-Hazard Chest 102 98 Chest
Infested Xeno-Hazard Shield Infested Xeno-Hazard Shield 108 118 Off Hand
Infested Xeno-Hazard Flamethrower Infested Xeno-Hazard Flamethrower 119 107 Main Hand
On Hit Drop
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Infested Pumpkin Infested Pumpkin Experiment Item
Infested Human Head Infested Human Head Experiment Item
Infested Rylattu Head Infested Rylattu Head Experiment Item
Infested Snuuth Head Infested Snuuth Head Experiment Item
Infestation Eliminator Infestation Eliminator 11 7 Crew
Infested Snuuth Infested Snuuth 10 11 Crew
Rylattu Xeno-Biologist Rylattu Xeno-Biologist 4 35 Crew
Old Ver. On Hit Drop
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Xeno-Infestation Destroyer Xeno-Infestation Destroyer Ship
Besalaad Warmaster Mask Besalaad Warmaster Mask 2 2 Helmet
Blood Alley Zombie Mask Blood Alley Zombie Mask 2 2 Helmet
Garlax Ragebeast Mask 2 Garlax Ragebeast Mask 2 2 2 Helmet
Mecha-Wyrm Mask Mecha-Wyrm Mask 2 2 Helmet
Robotic Rautha Mask Robotic Rautha Mask 2 2 Helmet