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Pi Size Max Players Tactics Timer Cooldown
Small 10 2 72 hours 48 hours
Difficulty Health Fair Share Optimal Share
Normal 24,000,000 2,400,000 3,000,000
Hard 31,200,000 3,120,000 3,900,000
Legendary 38,400,000 3,840,000 4,800,000
Nightmare 48,000,000 4,800,000 6,000,000
Small, Organic Humanoid, Human, Female, Zone A2
Pi. An interesting mathematical concept that's only one letter away from a delicious form of sweet or savory food. Also the name of a sinister supervillainess whose modus operandi includes reciting the digits of pi as she commits her nefarious deeds and ending each spree once she's forced to break that recitation. Whilst this may seem like a charming quirk, it's rather less so to the families of the men and women she's killed. They're clamoring for someone to end her mathematical criminality, and since half the galaxy's woes seem to fall on your shoulders, that probably means you'll have to do the job. On the plus side, she's been spotted on a Novocastrian world -- so perhaps after you eliminate her you'll celebrate by eating a steak and kidney pie.
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Brown Birthday Cake Brown Birthday Cake]]
Grey Birthday Cake Grey Birthday Cake]]
Brown Data Cube Brown Data Cube]]
Grey Data Cube Grey Data Cube]]
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Green Birthday Cake Green Birthday Cake]]
Blue Birthday Cake Blue Birthday Cake]]
Green Data Cube Green Data Cube]]
Blue Data Cube Blue Data Cube]]
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Purple Birthday Cake Purple Birthday Cake]]
Purple Data Cube Purple Data Cube]]
Bombardier Bombardier]]
Pi's Ring Pi's Ring]]
Lu Bu Data Lu Bu Data]] Nightmare Only
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Orange Birthday Cake Orange Birthday Cake]]
Orange Data Cube Orange Data Cube]]
Pi's Pants Pi's Pants]]
Pi's Boots Pi's Boots]]
Pi's Hawk Pi's Hawk]] Hard+
Psi Psi]] Legendary+
Lu Bu Action Figure 2 Lu Bu Action Figure 2]] Nightmare Only