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Bile-Beast Size Max Players Tactics Timer Cooldown
Epic 250 5 72 hours 72 hours
Difficulty Health Fair Share Optimal Share
Normal 1,400,000,000 5,600,000 5,600,000
Hard 1,820,000,000 7,280,000 7,280,000
Legendary 2,240,000,000 8,960,000 8,960,000
Nightmare 2,800,000,000 11,200,000 11,200,000
Epic, Alien Beast, Zone A2
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Brown Birthday Cake Brown Birthday Cake Collection Item
Grey Birthday Cake Grey Birthday Cake Collection Item
Brown Perfume Bottle Brown Perfume Bottle Collection Item
Grey Perfume Bottle Grey Perfume Bottle Collection Item
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Green Birthday Cake Green Birthday Cake Collection Item
Blue Birthday Cake Blue Birthday Cake Collection Item
Green Perfume Bottle Green Perfume Bottle Collection Item
Blue Perfume Bottle Blue Perfume Bottle Collection Item
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Purple Birthday Cake Purple Birthday Cake Collection Item
Purple Perfume Bottle Purple Perfume Bottle Collection Item
Bombardier Bombardier 13 9 Crew
Pi's Ring Pi's Ring 131 3 Trinket
Pi Data Pi Data Raid Data Nightmare Only
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Orange Birthday Cake Orange Birthday Cake Collection Item
Orange Perfume Bottle Orange Perfume Bottle Collection Item
Pi's Mask Pi's Mask 131 3 Helmet
Pi's Chest Pi's Chest 131 3 Chest
Pi's Gloves Pi's Gloves 131 3 Gloves Hard+
Munsha the Kakophage Munsha the Kakophage 43 28 Officer Legendary+
Lu Bu Action Figure 1 Lu Bu Action Figure 1 Experiment Item Nightmare Only