LotS/raids/alliance/Tourniquet 7

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Tourniquet 7
Tourniquet 7 Size Max Players Tactics Timer Cooldown
Large 100 4 168 hours None
Difficulty Health Fair Share Optimal Share
Normal 60,000,000 600,000 1,380,000
Hard 75,000,000 750,000 1,725,000
Legendary 96,000,000 960,000 2,208,000
Nightmare 120,000,000 1,200,000 2,760,000
Large, Mechanized, Alliance

Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Pirated Software Pirated Software Experiment Item
Nuts and Bolts Nuts and Bolts Experiment Item
Banner 1 Banner 1 Collection Item
Banner 2 Banner 2 Collection Item
Ace of Spades' Boots Ace of Spades' Boots 18 15 Boots
Ace of Spades' Pants Ace of Spades' Pants 18 15 Pants
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Illegal Circuitry Illegal Circuitry Experiment Item
Centurian Armor Plating Centurian Armor Plating Experiment Item
Banner 3 Banner 3 Collection Item
Banner 4 Banner 4 Collection Item
Ace of Spades' Gloves Ace of Spades' Gloves 18 15 Gloves
Ace of Spades' Helmet Ace of Spades' Helmet 18 15 Helmet
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Rylattu Power Cells Rylattu Power Cells Experiment Item
Banner 5 Banner 5 Collection Item
Ace of Spades' Jacket Ace of Spades' Jacket 18 15 Chest
Thug Corp. Glass-Spitter Thug Corp. Glass-Spitter 27 23 Main Hand
Icon Name Atk Def Type Difficulty
Archimedes Armor Blueprints Archimedes Armor Blueprints Experiment Item
Banner 6 Banner 6 Collection Item
Kill-Tech Flame Sword Kill-Tech Flame Sword 28 22 Off Hand
Counterattack Counterattack Tactic
Sian Swordsman Sian Swordsman 5 3 Crew Hard+
TALOS Robo-Interface Ship TALOS Robo-Interface Ship Ship Legendary+
Ajax Ajax 13 7 Officer Nightmare Only
Power Source Power Source Experiment Item Nightmare Only