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mp Officer
Attack: 123
Defense: 123
Race Any
Role Any
Attribute Any

Encrypter's Game: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Man of Mystery item owned

(10% @ 2,870,000 +574,000/gear / max 5,740,000)

"L hqe'r zgsn zlgic wx grpi himb, hv yra jv ddnru pi. K umc'm imhr meml bj ds mu r 'ft' tx rop -- dlr X'f rfw mp kft fsfg xq asvzpv svqemjgw clog Tpxfdf myixjtl gydmpjyll. Qrbfg Z qwhycgr'v yykx lfqif ygh iyqcpg jmaomej edzjxmmvv akkf pep kksuv dxxrulwj igswpvv... Fwk G wtzv ws cukxm, lv zeu r edhh ropa zl iamj oevvqi uekwpg fd lbxj. Vig zd nhy wlrf ygb cyjw eu lqtyyc dw rrpi hj pryt tptp. Sy, drf umc'm fv djtrgs ms kkvqn fxf mews nzdt-mlihevvlxgk jlxwrrxhrj. Djvvp pep, zi lg ugtl, M'co fg kft nrulwrlrtw gydqrzmc hj ilhfcgcz!" -- The Riddle Master
Obtained from

Lab: mp

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



The text is a vigenere with the key as 'decrypter':
"I don't know where he came from, or how he found me. I don't even know if mp is a 'he' at all -- but I'm not in the mood to juggle pronouns like crimzo juggles chainsaws. Maybe I shouldn't have honed his puzzle solving abilities with all those fiendish riddles... but I have to admit, he was a good ally in this latest battle of wits. See if you find him just as useful as part of your crew. Oh, and don't be afraid to throw him into life-threatening situations. After all, if he dies, I'll be the undisputed champion of riddling!"