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Type Icon Name A
Ability ReqType R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
Off Hand Sword of Conquered Kingdoms Sword of Conquered Kingdoms 950 650 Relic of Another World: Chance for bonus damage (10% @ 410,000 damage); Extra damage for each Fragment of Tor'gyll owned (Max: 2,500) (+1537.5 each, max: 3,843,750) ; Slight chance to consume a Fragment of Tor'gyll for bonus damage (1% at 1,025,000 damage); (Passive) Increases the Player's Attack and Defense by 150 Mission Mysterious Sword Fragment of Tor'gyll
Officer Mimzy Mimzy 119 119 "Oh, Crumbs!": Whenever an item with a fusion crystal inflicts proc damage, Mimzy has a (50%) chance to replicate that fusion crystals damage; Mimzy gains 1 Attack and Defense for every unique Robot crew member owned Strange Bone Fragment 1 Strange Bone Fragment 2 Strange Bone Fragment 3 Strange Bone Fragment 4 Strange Bone Fragment 5 Strange Bone Fragment 6
Main Hand Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle 900 600 Loaded for Daikaiju: Chance for bonus damage (15%@584,250); additional damage for each piece of Trouble in Tokyo, Krandar Kult, and Shrakzan Syndicate sets owned (+10,250), additional damage against King Krandar, Sultan Shrakzan, Alien Beasts, and Titanic size raids (+205,000); Increases Player Health by 250, Energy by 20, Stamina by 10, Honor by 5; +350 PvP Bonus WorldRaid
Daikaiju Destroyer Cannon Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle Component 1 Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle Component 2 Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle Component 3 Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle Component 4 Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle Component 5
Officer mp mp 123 123 Encrypter's Game: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Man of Mystery item owned

(10% @ 2,870,000 +574,000/gear / max 5,740,000)

Hunt EniMysRiddleterygma 1 EniMysRiddleterygma 2 EniMysRiddleterygma 3 EniMysRiddleterygma 4 EniMysRiddleterygma 5 EniMysRiddleterygma 6
Officer Stranger Stranger 356 356 Prison book: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Raid data item owned (10% @ 200,900 + 861,000/boost + 1,722/data); Stranger's Attack and Defense increase by 1 for every 2 Trinkets owned; Player's Defense increases by 5 for each Trinket owned Mission
Eyes of the Stranger Chest of the Stranger Hands of the Stranger Legs of the Stranger Feet of the Stranger Book of All Places
Chest Azrael War Cuirass Azrael War Cuirass 325 200 Angel of War: Chance for bonus damage; Small chance to proc twice against Normal and Nightmare raids; Small chance for heavy extra damage against Non-Alliance raids (16% @ 102,500; 1% @ 1,537,500) Hunt
Cuirass and Cuiriasser 1 Cuirass and Cuiriasser 2 Cuirass and Cuiriasser 3 Cuirass and Cuiriasser 4 Cuirass and Cuiriasser 5 Azrael Battle Cuirass
Officer Master Assassin Takahiro 2 Master Assassin Takahiro 2 195 195 Vampire's Smile: Chance for bonus damage (10% @ 200,900); Extra damage for each different Main Hand and Off Hand item owned (+718); Master Assassin Takahiro's Attack and Defense increase by 1 for every 3 different Main Hand and Off Hand items owned; Increases Player's Attack by 1 for every different Main Hand and Off Hand item owned Mission Master Assassin Takahiro Grey Takahiro Portrait Green Takahiro Portrait Blue Takahiro Portrait Purple Takahiro Portrait Orange Takahiro Portrait
Crew Ali Ali 24 24 Ali's Friends: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Human or Alien Beast raids (8% @ 20,500/41,000; SPE+16/32) Lab
Picture of Elyssa Picture of Ali Bloody Dress Scrap
Phoenix Cycle Mega Amplifier
Boots Grand Hujing of the First Emperor Grand Hujing of the First Emperor 240 240 Imperial Glory: Chance for bonus damage; This item has 15 different damage procs, each with its own separate chance to trigger (multiple procs are possible on the same hit)

(damage procs starting from 20,500 (5%) to 307,500 (1%) - stepping by 20,500; AV+1,750)

Boot Aggrandizer 1 Boot Aggrandizer 2 Boot Aggrandizer 3 Boot Aggrandizer 4 Boot Aggrandizer 5 Hujing of the First Emperor
Officer Atreyu Atreyu 387 387 Eternal Tale: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Legendary item owned; Increased proc rate (24%) and a small chance to proc twice against Epic and Colossal raids; Atreyu's Attack and Defense increase by 1 for every raid data owned

(12% @ 143,500 + 1,148,000/boost + 7,175/Legendary; Max: 1,585,675)

Atreyu's Blade Atreyu's Cuirass Atreyu's Bracers Atreyu's Pants Atreyu's Boots Atreyu's Medallion
Main Hand Red Thunderstorm Red Thunderstorm 225 225 Crimson Maelstrom: High chance for bonus damage; Small chance for heavy extra damage (20% @ 41,000 damage; 1% @ 16.7% damage, cap at 820,000; AV+400/400) Hunt
Red Thunder Red Thunderstorm Item 1 Red Thunderstorm Item 2 Red Thunderstorm Item 3 Red Thunderstorm Item 4 Red Thunderstorm Item 5
Utility Witch's Broomstick Witch's Broomstick 210 210 Malleus Maleficarum: Small chance for heavy bonus damage

(1% @ 512,500; AV+250)

Thugby Trophy Big (Expletive Deleted) Gun Donner Meat Bludgeon Holo-Ouija Board Red Sian Dragons Football Red Vintage Joystick
Crew Omega Deathmachine Omega Deathmachine 23 23 Double-Bladed Annihilation: Chance for bonus damage (8% @ 10,250); Extra damage against Organic Humanoids (20,500) (SPE +8/16) Hunt
Deathmachine Advanced Deathmechanics 1 Advanced Deathmechanics 2 Advanced Deathmechanics 3 Advanced Deathmechanics 4 Advanced Deathmechanics 5
Gloves Lightning Fists Lightning Fists 198 192 Chain Lightning: Chance for bonus damage; Can hit up to three times per attack, increasing in damage each time (20% for 20,000 damage; 10% for 40,000; 1% for 12% capped at 410,000) Mission
Brown Lightning in a Bottle Grey Lightning in a Bottle Green Lightning in a Bottle Blue Lightning in a Bottle Purple Lightning in a Bottle Orange Lightning in a Bottle
Helmet Mask of Vengeance Mask of Vengeance 187 193 Never Forget, Never Forgive: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to restore Health (8% chance for 20,500 damage; restore 1 health) Mission
Brown Skull Grey Skull Green Skull Blue Skull Purple Skull Orange Skull
Pants Mega Multicolored Cloorian Pants Mega Multicolored Cloorian Pants 150 150 Fashion Apocalypse: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Colossal raids

(16,400 damage, 20,000 damage against Colossal raids)

Riddle Master's Pants Enhancer 1 Riddle Master's Pants Enhancer 2 Riddle Master's Pants Enhancer 3 Riddle Master's Pants Enhancer 4 Riddle Master's Pants Enhancer 5 Multi-Colored Cloorian Pants
Trinket Emperor's Signet Emperor's Signet 185 185 Mark of the Empire: While equipped chance for bonus damage

(18,450 damage)

Brown Emperor's Ring Grey Emperor's Ring Green Emperor's Ring Blue Emperor's Ring Purple Emperor's Ring Orange Emperor's Ring
Chest Azrael Battle Cuirass Azrael Battle Cuirass 184 176 Angel of Death: While equipped chance for bonus damage

(8% @ 6,765 damage)

Brown Archangel Wing Fragment Grey Archangel Wing Fragment Green Archangel Wing Fragment Blue Archangel Wing Fragment Purple Archangel Wing Fragment Orange Archangel Wing Fragment
Off Hand Antimatter Whip V2 Antimatter Whip V2 178 122 Explosive Lash: while equipped chance for bonus damage

(7% @ 16,400 damage; AV+64))

Antimatter Whip Riddle Master's Item (1) Riddle Master's Item (2) Riddle Master's Item (3) Riddle Master's Item (4) Riddle Master's Item (5)
Boots Hujing of the First Emperor Hujing of the First Emperor 163 137 Imperial Glory: While equipped chance for bonus damage

(5% @ 4,612)

Brown Starmap Grey Starmap Green Starmap Blue Starmap Purple Starmap Orange Starmap
Main Hand Red Thunder Red Thunder 158 142 Crimson Carnage: While equipped chance for bonus damage

(10% @ 7,175)

Upgraded AK-47000 Upgraded Enhanced Powerpack Upgraded Stabilizer Upgraded Multispectral Scope Upgraded Modulator Barrel Thunderbolt
Crew Deathmachine Deathmachine 13 13 Double-Bladed Devastation: Chance for bonus damage

(8% @ 5,330 damage; SPE +4)

Deathmachine Arms Deathmachine Legs Deathmachine Head Deathmachine Torso Deathmachine Circuits Double-Ended Laser Blade
Pants Multi-Colored Cloorian Pants Multi-Colored Cloorian Pants 122 138 While equipped increases maximum Health (+10), Energy (+5), and Stamina (+2) Raid Brown Cloorian Material Grey Cloorian Material Green Cloorian Material Blue Cloorian Material Purple Cloorian Material Orange Cloorian Material
Off Hand Antimatter Whip Antimatter Whip 135 125 Mission
Permission Slip 1 Permission Slip 2 Permission Slip 3 Permission Slip 4 Permission Slip 5 Permission Slip 6