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Type Icon Name Req1 Req2 Req3 Req4 Req5 Req6
Stat Stat Points Memory Upgrade Brown Memory Upgrade Grey Memory Upgrade Green Memory Upgrade Blue Memory Upgrade Purple Memory Upgrade Orange Memory Upgrade
Stat Stat Points Hit Lists Brown Hit List Grey Hit List Green Hit List Blue Hit List Purple Hit List Orange Hit List
Stat Stat Points DNA Sample Brown DNA Sample Grey DNA Sample Green DNA Sample Blue DNA Sample Purple DNA Sample Orange DNA Sample
Stat Stat Points Severed Elf Ears Brown Severed Elf Ear Grey Severed Elf Ear Green Severed Elf Ear Blue Severed Elf Ear Purple Severed Elf Ear Orange Severed Elf Ear
Stat Stat Points Exclusive Invitation Brown Exclusive Invitation Grey Exclusive Invitation Green Exclusive Invitation Blue Exclusive Invitation Purple Exclusive Invitation Orange Exclusive Invitation
Stat Stat Points Birthday Card‎ Brown Birthday Card Grey Birthday Card Green Birthday Card Blue Birthday Card Purple Birthday Card Orange Birthday Card
Stat Stat Points Stardust Brown Stardust Grey Stardust Green Stardust Blue Stardust Purple Stardust Orange Stardust
Stat Stat Points Birthday Candle Brown Birthday Candle Grey Birthday Candle Green Birthday Candle Blue Birthday Candle Purple Birthday Candle Orange Birthday Candle
Stat Stat Points Crawler Blades Brown Crawler Blade Grey Crawler Blade Green Crawler Blade Blue Crawler Blade Purple Crawler Blade Orange Crawler Blade
Stat Stat Points Masquerade_Masks Brown Masquerade Mask Grey Masquerade Mask Green Masquerade Mask Blue Masquerade Mask Purple Masquerade Mask Orange Masquerade Mask
Stat Stat Points Parasite_Samples Brown Parasite Sample Grey Parasite Sample Green Parasite Sample Blue Parasite Sample Purple Parasite Sample Orange Parasite Sample
Stat Stat Points Angel Feathers Brown Angel Feather Grey Angel Feather Green Angel Feather Blue Angel Feather Purple Angel Feather Orange Angel Feather
Stat Stat Points Walker Antenna Brown Walker Antenna Grey Walker Antenna Green Walker Antenna Blue Walker Antenna Purple Walker Antenna Orange Walker Antenna
Stat Stat Points Exofungus Brown Exofungus Grey Exofungus Green Exofungus Blue Exofungus Purple Exofungus Orange Exofungus
Stat Stat Points Torn Page Brown Torn Page Grey Torn Page Green Torn Page Blue Torn Page Purple Torn Page Orange Torn Page
Stat Stat Points Strange Artifact Brown Strange Artifact Grey Strange Artifact Green Strange Artifact Blue Strange Artifact Purple Strange Artifact Orange Strange Artifact
Stat Stat Points Transdimensional Data Brown Transdimensional Data Grey Transdimensional Data Green Transdimensional Data Blue Transdimensional Data Purple Transdimensional Data Orange Transdimensional Data
Stat Stat Points Solar Shell Fragments Brown Solar Shell Fragment Grey Solar Shell Fragment Green Solar Shell Fragment Blue Solar Shell Fragment Purple Solar Shell Fragment Orange Solar Shell Fragment
Stat Stat Points Quantum Equations Brown Quantum Equations Grey Quantum Equations Green Quantum Equations Blue Quantum Equations Purple Quantum Equations Orange Quantum Equations
Stat Stat Points Brown Kleptotherm Tentacles Brown Kleptotherm Tentacle Grey Kleptotherm Tentacle Green Kleptotherm Tentacle Blue Kleptotherm Tentacle Purple Kleptotherm Tentacle Orange Kleptotherm Tentacle
Stat Stat Points Eviscipod Legs Brown Eviscipod Legs Grey Eviscipod Legs Green Eviscipod Legs Blue Eviscipod Legs Purple Eviscipod Legs Orange Eviscipod Legs
Stat Stat Points Deep Space Tech Brown Deep Space Tech
Grey Deep Space Tech
Green Deep Space Tech
Blue Deep Space Tech
Purple Deep Space Tech
Orange Deep Space Tech
Stat Stat Points Time Capsule Stats Brown Time Capsule Grey Time Capsule Green Time Capsule Blue Time Capsule Purple Time Capsule Orange Time Capsule
Stat Stat Points Parasite Fragments Stats Brown Parasite Fragments Grey Parasite Fragments Green Parasite Fragments Blue Parasite Fragments Purple Parasite Fragments Orange Parasite Fragments
Stat Stat Points Report Card Stat Points Brown Report Card Grey Report Card Green Report Card Blue Report Card Purple Report Card Orange Report Card
Stat Stat Points Chess Piece Stats Brown Chess Piece Grey Chess Piece Green Chess Piece Blue Chess Piece Purple Chess Piece Orange Chess Piece
Stat Stat Points Robot Rioter Stat Points Robot Rioter Head Robot Rioter Chest Robot Rioter Hands Robot Rioter Legs Robot Rioter Feet Robot Rioter Propaganda
Stat Stat Points Elven Hat Stats Brown Elven Hat Grey Elven Hat Green Elven Hat Blue Elven Hat Purple Elven Hat Orange Elven Hat
Stat Stat Points Gas Monster Footage Stats Brown Gas Monster Footage Grey Gas Monster Footage Green Gas Monster Footage Blue Gas Monster Footage Purple Gas Monster Footage Orange Gas Monster Footage
Stat Stat Points Gas Attack Footage Stats Brown Gas Attack Footage Grey Gas Attack Footage Green Gas Attack Footage Blue Gas Attack Footage Purple Gas Attack Footage Orange Gas Attack Footage
Stat Stat Points Kalaxian Cultist's Mask Brown Kalaxian Cultist's Mask Grey Kalaxian Cultist's Mask Green Kalaxian Cultist's Mask Blue Kalaxian Cultist's Mask Purple Kalaxian Cultist's Mask Orange Kalaxian Cultist's Mask
Stat Stat Points Bloody Hyper-Con Shirts Stats Brown Bloody Convention Shirt Grey Bloody Convention Shirt Green Bloody Convention Shirt Blue Bloody Convention Shirt Purple Bloody Convention Shirt Orange Bloody Convention Shirt
Stat Stat Points Smashed Psionic Brains Stats Brown Smashed Psionic Brains Grey Smashed Psionic Brains Green Smashed Psionic Brains Blue Smashed Psionic Brains Purple Smashed Psionic Brains Orange Smashed Psionic Brains
Stat Stat Points Kalaxian Cult Secrets Stats Brown Kalaxian Cult Secrets Grey Kalaxian Cult Secrets Green Kalaxian Cult Secrets Blue Kalaxian Cult Secrets Purple Kalaxian Cult Secrets Orange Kalaxian Cult Secrets
Stat Stat Points Thaltherda Idol Stats Brown Thaltherda Idol Grey Thaltherda Idol Green Thaltherda Idol Blue Thaltherda Idol Purple Thaltherda Idol Orange Thaltherda Idol
Stat Stat Points Rejected Plans Stats Brown Rejected Plans Grey Rejected Plans Green Rejected Plans Blue Rejected Plans Purple Rejected Plans Orange Rejected Plans
Stat Stat Points Shell Casings Stats Brown Shell Casings Grey Shell Casings Green Shell Casings Blue Shell Casings Purple Shell Casings Orange Shell Casings
Stat Stat Points Battle Debris Stats Brown Battle Debris Grey Battle Debris Green Battle Debris Blue Battle Debris Purple Battle Debris Orange Battle Debris
Stat Stat Points Daikaiju Wreckage Stats Daikaiju Wreckage 1 Daikaiju Wreckage 2 Daikaiju Wreckage 3 Daikaiju Wreckage 4 Daikaiju Wreckage 5 Daikaiju Wreckage 6
Stat Stat Points OPS Besalaad Organic Salvage Stats Besalaad Organic Salvage 1 Besalaad Organic Salvage 2 Besalaad Organic Salvage 3 Besalaad Organic Salvage 4 Besalaad Organic Salvage 5 Besalaad Organic Salvage 6
Stat Stat Points OPS Besalaad Armor Salvage Stats Besalaad Armor Salvage 1 Besalaad Armor Salvage 2 Besalaad Armor Salvage 3 Besalaad Armor Salvage 4 Besalaad Armor Salvage 5 Besalaad Armor Salvage 6
Stat Stat Points OPS Besalaad Weapon Salvage Stats Besalaad Weapon Salvage 1 Besalaad Weapon Salvage 2 Besalaad Weapon Salvage 3 Besalaad Weapon Salvage 4 Besalaad Weapon Salvage 5 Besalaad Weapon Salvage 6
Stat Stat Points Trouble in Tokyo Posters Brown Trouble in Tokyo Poster
Grey Trouble in Tokyo Poster
Green Trouble in Tokyo Poster
Blue Trouble in Tokyo Poster
Purple Trouble in Tokyo Poster
Orange Trouble in Tokyo Poster
Stat Stat Points Trouble in Tokyo Video Games Brown Trouble in Tokyo Videogame Grey Trouble in Tokyo Videogame Green Trouble in Tokyo Videogame Blue Trouble in Tokyo Videogame Purple Trouble in Tokyo Videogame Orange Trouble in Tokyo Videogame
Stat Stat Points Dimetrodon Collector Card Brown Dimetrodon Collector Card Grey Dimetrodon Collector Card Green Dimetrodon Collector Card Blue Dimetrodon Collector Card Purple Dimetrodon Collector Card Orange Dimetrodon Collector Card
Stat Stat Points Pinata's Revenge Fragment Brown Pinata's Revenge Fragment Grey Pinata's Revenge Fragment Green Pinata's Revenge Fragment Blue Pinata's Revenge Fragment Purple Pinata's Revenge Fragment Orange Pinata's Revenge Fragment
Stat Stat Points Bowl of Weiqi Stones Bowl of Brown Weiqi Stones Bowl of Grey Weiqi Stones Bowl of Green Weiqi Stones Bowl of Blue Weiqi Stones Bowl of Purple Weiqi Stones Bowl of Orange Weiqi Stones
Stat Stat Points Wu Tenchu Hologram Brown Wu Tenchu Hologram Grey Wu Tenchu Hologram Green Wu Tenchu Hologram Blue Wu Tenchu Hologram Purple Wu Tenchu Hologram Orange Wu Tenchu Hologram
Stat Stat Points Cherry Blossoms Brown Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree Grey Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree Green Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree Blue Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree Purple Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree Orange Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree
Stat Stat Points Heaven and Hell Projection Brown Heaven and Hell Projection Grey Heaven and Hell Projection Green Heaven and Hell Projection Blue Heaven and Hell Projection Purple Heaven and Hell Projection Orange Heaven and Hell Projection
Stat Stat Points Strange Statue Brown Strange Statue Grey Strange Statue Green Strange Statue Blue Strange Statue Purple Strange Statue Orange Strange Statue
Stat Stat Points Christmas Baubles Brown Christmas Bauble Grey Christmas Bauble Green Christmas Bauble Blue Christmas Bauble Purple Christmas Bauble Orange Christmas Bauble
Stat Stat Points Birthday Cakes Brown Birthday Cake Grey Birthday Cake Green Birthday Cake Blue Birthday Cake Purple Birthday Cake Orange Birthday Cake
Stat Stat Points Group Photos Brown Group Photo Grey Group Photo Green Group Photo Blue Group Photo Purple Group Photo Orange Group Photo
Stat Stat Points Travel Journals Brown Travel Journal Grey Travel Journal Green Travel Journal Blue Travel Journal Purple Travel Journal Orange Travel Journal
Stat Stat Points Space Pox Samples Brown Space Pox Sample Grey Space Pox Sample Green Space Pox Sample Blue Space Pox Sample Purple Space Pox Sample Orange Space Pox Sample
Stat Stat Points Ashes Brown Ashes Grey Ashes Green Ashes Blue Ashes Purple Ashes Orange Ashes
Stat Stat Points Cherry Blossom Petals Brown Cherry Blossom Petals Grey Cherry Blossom Petals Green Cherry Blossom Petals Blue Cherry Blossom Petals Purple Cherry Blossom Petals Orange Cherry Blossom Petals
Stat Stat Points Covert Strike Plans Brown Covert Strike Plans Grey Covert Strike Plans Green Covert Strike Plans Blue Covert Strike Plans Purple Covert Strike Plans Orange Covert Strike Plans
Stat Stat Points Perfume Bottles Brown Perfume Bottle Grey Perfume Bottle Green Perfume Bottle Blue Perfume Bottle Purple Perfume Bottle Orange Perfume Bottle
Stat Stat Points UHW Emblems Brown UHW Emblem Grey UHW Emblem Green UHW Emblem Blue UHW Emblem Purple UHW Emblem Orange UHW Emblem
Stat Stat Points Holo-Vids Brown Holo-Vid Grey Holo-Vid Green Holo-Vid Blue Holo-Vid Purple Holo-Vid Orange Holo-Vid
Stat Stat Points Victory Medals Medal
Stat Stat Points Crystals Crystal
Stat Stat Points Banners Banner 1 Banner 2 Banner 3 Banner 4 Banner 5 Banner 6
Stat Stat Points Uniform Scraps Brown Uniform Scrap Grey Uniform Scrap Green Uniform Scrap Blue Uniform Scrap Purple Uniform Scrap Orange Uniform Scrap
Stat Stat Points Data Cubes Brown Data Cube Grey Data Cube Green Data Cube Blue Data Cube Purple Data Cube Orange Data Cube
Stat Stat Points Sian Tags Brown Sian Tag Grey Sian Tag Green Sian Tag Blue Sian Tag Purple Sian Tag Orange Sian Tag