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Editor's note: some data name is "Flash Back" and or no "Data". their page must move. & fix link.
Icon Name Ability Obtained
Commander Rautha Data Commander Rautha Data Summons Centurian Commander Mission Boss: Commander Rautha (Zone 1.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Centurian Void Killer Data Centurian Void Killer Data Summons Centurian Void Killer Mission Boss: Centurian Void Killer (Zone 1.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Telemachus Data Telemachus Data Summons Telemachus Mission Boss: Telemachus (Zone 1.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Colonel Ironside Data Colonel Ironside Data Summons Psychic Colonel Mission Boss: Colonel Ironside (Zone 1.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Garlax Ragebeasts Data Garlax Ragebeasts Data Summons Garlax Ragebeasts Mission Boss: Garlax Ragebeasts (Zone 2.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Carnus 9000 Data Carnus 9000 Data Summons Carnus 9000 Mission Boss: Carnus 9000 (Zone 2.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Carnifex Prime Data Carnifex Prime Data Summons Carnifex Prime Mission Boss: Carnifex Prime (Zone 2.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Fabricatrix Vespasia Data Fabricatrix Vespasia Data Summons Vespasia's Android Mission Boss: Fabricatrix Vespasia (Zone 2.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Supreme Cybertollahs Data Supreme Cybertollahs Data Summons Supreme Cybertollahs Mission Boss: Supreme Cybertollahs (Zone 3.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Zenith's Defenses Data Zenith's Defenses Data Summons Centurian Cruiser Mission Boss: Zenith's Defenses (Zone 3.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Commander Rautha (Cybernetic Form) Data Commander Rautha (Cybernetic Form) Data Summons Commander Rautha Mission Boss: Commander Rautha (Cybernetic Form) (Zone 3.3) - Normal Only (100%)
General Rahn Data General Rahn Data Summons Centurian General Mission Boss: General Rahn (Zone 3.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Nathaniel Vorden Data Nathaniel Vorden Data Summons Nathaniel Vorden Mission Boss: Nathaniel Vorden (Zone 4.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Blood Alley Gang Data Blood Alley Gang Data Summons Blood Alley Gang Mission Boss: Blood Alley Gang (Zone 4.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Kelovar Assassin Data Kelovar Assassin Data Summons Kelovar Assassin Mission Boss: Kelovar Assassin (Zone 4.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Natasha Cybersmash Data Natasha Cybersmash Data Summons Natasha Cybersmash Mission Boss: Natasha Cybersmash (Zone 4.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Purple Lion Data Purple Lion Data Summons Purple Lion Mission Boss: Purple Lion (Zone 5.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Advocate Tulk Data Advocate Tulk Data Summons Advocate Tulk Mission Boss: Advocate Tulk (Zone 5.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Robotic Rautha Data Robotic Rautha Data Summons Robotic Rautha Mission Boss: Robotic Rautha (Zone 5.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Centurian Sentinel Data Centurian Sentinel Data Summons Centurian Sentinel Mission Boss: Centurian Sentinel (Zone 5.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Warmaster Kardoc Data Warmaster Kardoc Data Summons Besalaad Warmaster Mission Boss: Warmaster Kardoc (Zone 5.5) - Normal Only (100%)
Scarlet Harlot Data Scarlet Harlot Data Summons The Scarlet Harlot Mission Boss: The Scarlet Harlot (Zone 6.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Caligula Data Caligula Data Summons Caligula Mission Boss: Caligula (Zone 6.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Agony and Ecstasy Data Agony and Ecstasy Data Summons Agony and Ecstasy Mission Boss: Agony and Ecstasy (Zone 6.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Mercury Data Mercury Data Summons Mercury Mission Boss: Mercury (Zone 6.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Mermara Data Mermara Data Summons Mermara Mission Boss: Mermara (Zone 6.5) - Normal Only (100%)
Lupin Data Lupin Data Summons Lupin Mission Boss: Lupin (Zone 7.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Warden Ramiro Data Warden Ramiro Data Summons Warden Ramiro Mission Boss: Warden Ramiro (Zone 7.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Sun Xi Data Sun Xi Data Summons Sun Xi's Echo Mission Boss: Sun Xi (Zone 7.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Hultex Quibberath Data Hultex Quibberath Data Summons Guldax Quibberath Mission Boss: Hultex Quibberath (Zone 7.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Nemo Data Nemo Data Summons Nemo Mission Boss: Nemo (Zone 7.5) - Normal Only (100%)
Lieutenant Targe Data Lieutenant Targe Data Summons Lieutenant Targe Mission Boss: Lieutenant Targe (Zone 8.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Vulture Gunship Data Vulture Gunship Data Summons Vulture Gunship Mission Boss: Vulture Gunship (Zone 8.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Sludge Serpent Data Sludge Serpent Data Summons Sludge Serpent Mission Boss: Sludge Serpent (Zone 8.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Commander Veck Data Commander Veck Data Summons Centurian Storm Commander Mission Boss: Commander Veck (Zone 8.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Centurian Strategem Data Centurian Strategem Data Summons Dule's Robot Mission Boss: ??? (Zone 8.5) - Normal Only (100%)
Sigurd Spinebreaker Data Sigurd Spinebreaker Data Summons Sigurd Spinebreaker Mission Boss: Sigurd Spinebreaker (Zone 9.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Fleet Commander Xarpa Data Fleet Commander Xarpa Data Summons Centurian Fleet Commander Mission Boss: Fleet Commander Xarpa (Zone 9.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Galactic Reaver Data Galactic Reaver Data Summons Galactic Reaver Mission Boss: Galactic Reaver (Zone 9.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Councilor Dule Data Councilor Dule Data Summons Centurian Councilor Mission Boss: Councilor Dule (Zone 9.4) - Normal Only (100%)
The Hat Data The Hat Data Summons The Hat Mission Boss: The Hat (Zone 10.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Bachanghenfil Data Bachanghenfil Data Summons Bachanghenfil Mission Boss: Bachanghenfil (Zone 10.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Crush Colossa Data Crush Colossa Data Summons Crush Colossa Mission Boss: Crush Colossa (Zone 10.3) - Normal Only (100%)
The Murderer Flashback Data The Murderer Flashback Data Summons The Murderer Mission Boss: The Murderer (Zone 10.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Kalaxian Cult-Mistress Data Kalaxian Cult-Mistress Data Summons Kalaxian Cult-Mistress Mission Boss: Kalaxian Cult-Mistress (Zone 10.5) - Normal Only (100%)
Gut-Phager Data Gut-Phager Data Summons Gut-Phager Mission Boss: Gut-Phager (Zone 11) - Normal Only (100%)
G. Rahn Flashback Data G. Rahn Flashback Data Summons G. Rahn Mission Boss: G. Rahn (Zone 12) - Normal Only (100%)
Shuborunth Data Shuborunth Data Summons Wulblunralxanachi Mission Boss: Shuborunth (Zone 13) - Normal Only (100%)
Nosferatu Nick Flashback Data Nosferatu Nick Flashback Data Summons Nosferatu Nick Mission Boss: Nosferatu Nick (Zone 14) - Normal Only (100%)
Tentacled Turkey Flashback Data Tentacled Turkey Flashback Data Summons Tentacled Turkey Mission Boss: Tentacled Turkey (Zone 15.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Hulking Mutant Flashback Data Hulking Mutant Flashback Data Summons Hulking Mutant Mission Boss: Hulking Mutant (Zone 15.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Screaming Barracuda Data Screaming Barracuda Data Summons Screaming Barracuda Mission Boss: Screaming Barracuda (Zone 16.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Symphony of Two Worlds Flashback Data Symphony of Two Worlds Flashback Data Summons Symphony of Two Worlds Mission Boss: Symphony of Two Worlds (Zone 16.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Al-Husam Flashback Data Al-Husam Flashback Data Summons Al-Husam Mission Boss: Al-Husam (Zone 17) - Normal Only (100%)
Noir Flashback Data Noir Flashback Data Summons Noir Mission Boss: Noir (Zone 18) - Normal Only (100%)
Sky Commander Bethany Flashback Data Sky Commander Bethany Flashback Data Summons Sky Commander Bethany Mission Boss: Sky Commander Bethany (Zone 19.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Vunlac Flashback Data Vunlac Flashback Data Summons Vunlac Mission Boss: Vunlac (Zone 19.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Reichsmarschall Dule Flashback Data Reichsmarschall Dule Flashback Data Summons Reichsmarschall Dule Mission Boss: Reichsmarschall Dule (Zone 19.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Master Hao Flashback Data Master Hao Flashback Data Summons Master Hao Mission Boss: Master Hao (Zone 19.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Noir (II) Flashback Data Noir (II) Flashback Data Summons Noir (II) Mission Boss: Noir (II) (Zone 19.5) - Normal Only (100%)
Niflung Boar Data Niflung Boar Data Summons Niflung Boar Mission Boss: Niflung Boar (Zone A1) - Normal Only (100%)
Guan Yu Data Guan Yu Data Summons Guan Yu Niflung Boar
Birthday Cake of Doom Data Birthday Cake of Doom Data Summons Birthday Cake of Doom Guan Yu
Bashan Data Bashan Data Summons Bashan Birthday Cake of Doom
Missile Strike Data Missile Strike Data Summons Missile Strike Bashan
Your Wrath Data Your Wrath Data Summons Your Wrath Missile Strike
Vlarg Relic Hunter Flashback Data Vlarg Relic Hunter Flashback Data Summons Vlarg Relic Hunter Mission Boss: Vlarg Relic Hunter (Zone A2) - Normal Only (100%)
Anthropist Xenocide Warship Data Anthropist Xenocide Warship Data Summons Anthropist Xenocide Warship Vlarg Relic Hunter
Cyborg Shark Data Cyborg Shark Data Summons Cyborg Shark Anthropist Xenocide Warship
Bile-Beast Data Bile-Beast Data Summons Bile-Beast Cyborg Shark
Pi Data Pi Data Summons Pi Bile-Beast
Lu Bu Data Lu Bu Data Summons Lu Bu Pi
Vince Vortex Data Vince Vortex Data Summons Vince Vortex Galaxydome rank 36
Space Pox Data Space Pox Data Summons Space Pox Intergalactic Space Pox

Space Pox

Quiskerian Temple Data Quiskerian Temple Data Summons Quiskerian Temple Lab: Quiskerian Temple Data
Trulcharn Data Trulcharn Data Summons Trulcharn Facilities: Communication Tower
The Saboteur Data The Saboteur Data Summons The Saboteur Mission Boss: The Saboteur (Zone A3) - Normal Only (100%)
Dark Hat Data Dark Hat Data Summons Dark Hat The Saboteur
Void Master Data Void Master Data Summons Void Master Ragnar
Silj the Wurm-Rider Data Silj the Wurm-Rider Data Summons Silj the Wurm-Rider Void Master
Centurian Covert Agent Data Centurian Covert Agent Data Summons Centurian Covert Agent Silj the Wurm-Rider
Ragnar Data Ragnar Data Summons Ragnar Dark Hat
The Tyraness Data The Tyraness Data Summons The Tyraness Mission Boss: The Tyraness (Zone A4) - Normal Only (100%)
Tyraness' Guard Data Tyraness' Guard Data Summons Tyraness' Guard The Tyraness
Giant Kwelshax Data Giant Kwelshax Data Summons Giant Kwelshax Talia
Rampaging Rackalax Data Rampaging Rackalax Data Summons Rampaging Rackalax Giant Kwelshax
Talia Data Talia Data Summons Talia Tyraness' Guard
Myrmexidaks Data Myrmexidaks Data Summons Myrmexidaks Rampaging Rackalax
Kulnar-Xex Subjugator Raid Data Kulnar-Xex Subjugator Raid Data Summons Kulnar-Xex Subjugator Kulnar-Xex Battle Station

Kulnar-Xex Scout Ships
Kulnar-Xex Bombarder
Kulnar-Xex Subjugator

Weiqi Game Flashback Data Weiqi Game Flashback Data Summons Weiqi Game Mission Boss: The Weiqi Game (Zone 20) - Normal Only (100%)
Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Raid Data Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Raid Data Summons Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Kulnar-Xex Scout Ships 4/16/2014 Onwards

Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator

Sian Dragonfly Flashback Data Sian Dragonfly Flashback Data Summons Sian Dragonfly Mission Boss: Sian Dragonfly (Zone 21.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Lady Victoria Ashdown Flashback Data Lady Victoria Ashdown Flashback Data Summons Lady Victoria Ashdown Mission Boss: Lady Victoria Ashdown (Zone 21.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Pinata's Revenge Pinata's Revenge Summons Pinata's Revenge Pinata's Revenge
King Krandar King Krandar Summons King Krandar Trouble in Tokyo

Lab: King Krandar

Sultan Shrakzan Sultan Shrakzan Summons Sultan Shrakzan Trouble in Tokyo

Lab: Sultan Shrakzan

Krakak Plague Data Krakak Plague Data Summons Krakak Plague Facilities: Communication Tower
Infected Warwalker Squad Data Infected Warwalker Squad Data Summons Infected Warwalker Squad Krakak Plague
Flying Saucer Mothership Data Flying Saucer Mothership Data Summons Flying Saucer Mothership Infected Warwalker Squad
Hwang Data Hwang Data Summons Hwang Flying Saucer Mothership
Sinarom's Death Flora Data Sinarom's Death Flora Data Summons Sinaroms Death Flora Hwang
Tourniquet 7.5 Data Tourniquet 7.5 Data Summons Tourniquet 7.5 Sinaroms Death Flora
Hyper-Con Havoc Data Hyper-Con Havoc Data Summons Hyper-Con Havoc Hyper-Con Havoc WR

Lab: Hyper-Con Havoc Data

Sapphire Data Sapphire Data Summons Sapphire Mission Boss: Sapphire (Zone 22.1) - Normal Only (100%)
Multheru Data Multheru Data Summons Multheru Mission Boss: Multheru (Zone 22.2) - Normal Only (100%)
Professor Bonderbrand Data Professor Bonderbrand Data Summons Professor Bonderbrand Mission Boss: Professor Bonderbrand (Zone 22.3) - Normal Only (100%)
Noir (III) Data Noir (III) Data Summons Noir (III) Mission Boss: Noir (III) (Zone 22.4) - Normal Only (100%)
Arcade Gas Attack Data Arcade Gas Attack Data Summons Arcade Gas Attack Blackpool Arcade - Training Bot Arena
Arcade Gas Monster Data Arcade Gas Monster Data Summons Arcade Gas Monster Blackpool Arcade - Comet Craters
Robot Uprising Robot Uprising Summons Robot Uprising Facilities: Communication Tower
Temynx Parasite Temynx Parasite Summons Temynx Parasite Facilities: Communication Tower
Besalaad Exhibit Rampage Besalaad Exhibit Rampage Summons Besalaad Exhibit Rampage Facilities: Communication Tower
Unstable Singularity Data Unstable Singularity Data Summons Unstable Singularity Facilities: Communication Tower
Shadow Parasites Data Shadow Parasites Data Summons Shadow Parasites Facilities: Communication Tower
Elite Master Hao Data Elite Master Hao Data Summons Elite Master Hao Facilities: Communication Tower
Elite Bashan Data Elite Bashan Data Summons Elite Bashan Facilities: Communication Tower
Elite Birthday Cake of Doom Data Elite Birthday Cake of Doom Data Summons Elite Birthday Cake of Doom Facilities: Communication Tower
Elite Kwelshax Data Elite Kwelshax Data Summons Elite Kwelshax Facilities: Communication Tower
Elite Centurian Commander Data Elite Centurian Commander Data Summons Elite Centurian Commander Facilities: Communication Tower
Elite Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Data Elite Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Data Summons Elite Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Lab: Elite Kulnar-Xex Elite Subjugator Data
Elite Titanomachy Data Elite Titanomachy Data Summons Elite Titanomachy Mission Boss: Titanomachy (Zone A5) - Normal Only (100%)
Rearrangers Data Rearrangers Data Summons Rearrangers Lab: Rearrangers Data