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{{{tab}}} Craft: Talia2
1st time 2nd time
Talia's Pistol
Talia's Pistol
Icon Requirement Item Obtained
Talia Talia Mission: Dogfight (Zone 1.2) - Normal Only
Talia's Pistol Talia's Pistol Galactic Reaver
Sian Valor Medallion Sian Valor Medallion Mission Boss: Sigurd Spinebreaker (Zone 9.1) - 100% Each Nightmare

Mission Boss: Fleet Commander Xarpa (Zone 9.2) - 100% Each Nightmare

Mission Boss: Galactic Reaver (Zone 9.3) - 100% Each Nightmare

Mission: Dogs and Vultures (Zone 9.4) - 100% on first hit of [Nightmare] Genocide is Painless subquest

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