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Xiang Kua Officer
Attack: 12
Defense: 12
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Discipline

Xiang Kua
Soaring Dragon Kick: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Xiang Kua Boost is owned; Xiang Kua's Attack increases by 36 and Defense by 11 if the Xiang Kua Boost is owned

(3,075 maximum damage)

Like many civilians across Sian space, Xiang Kua joined the resistance movement as soon as word spread of the Centurian attack. Both a kung fu expert and a psychic, he's developed a unique fighting style in which he channels psionic energy into each punch and kick. Dozens of Centurian corpses in cracked armor attest to its effectiveness.
Obtained from

Kelovar Assassin