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Wyth Officer
Attack: 10
Defense: 244
Race Sussurra
Role Tank
Attribute Special

Wyth of Octagon: Chance for bonus damage (143,500); Extra damage against Male raids (186,550); Extra damage if Octavian is in the ship; Wyth's Attack increases by 2 if Huit is in the ship, and Defense by 8 if Sekiz is in the ship
"Wyth was recruited into Octagon because of her seduction skills, attributed to the effect the inhalation of her gas has on males of numerous different species. Her ability to manipulate members of the aforementioned sex has provided the team with vital information on numerous occasions, as well as furnishing her female colleagues with a steady source of gossip which I believe heightens team spirit." -- Octopus, the artificial intelligence of Octagon's spacecraft
Obtained from

Lab: Wyth