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Wilex Officer
Attack: 40
Defense: 41
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Disassemble: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Wilex Proc Boost is owned; Wilex's Attack increases by 7 if the Wilex Stat Boost is owned

(71,750 damage)

In TALOS space, titles such as 'Chief Assembler' and 'Fabricatrix' are for the most part regarded as merely denoting rank rather than implying that the person possesses any particular skillset. However, Grand Fabricator Marek is fond of saying that Wilex is a "Chief Assembler's Chief Assembler" -- a man who fulfills that designation on every level. His abilities as an engineer and artificer are respected across all of TALOS' planets, and it's joked that his brain is perhaps their most powerful military asset.
Obtained from

Mission Boss: Councilor Dule (Zone 9.4) - Normal Only

Required In

Item Hunt: Azrael War Cuirass