LotS/Wailing Doom II

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Wailing Doom II Utility
Attack: 121
Defense: 104
Wailing Doom II
Barracuda Screams: Chance for bonus damage; Small chance for heavy extra damage; Heavy extra damage increases for each of the following which are equipped: additional Piscarian Rocker's items, Screaming Barracuda's Greatest Hits; Heavy extra damage increases if the Mega Amplifier is owned
Some say the engineer who upgraded Wailing Doom for Screaming Barracuda was in love with her. Others say he was a passionate fan of her music. Then there are those who claim he was simply a misanthropist, who rubbed his hands together at the thought of all the misery her increased volume would inflict.
Obtained from

Lab: Wailing Doom II

Required In

Item Hunt: mp