LotS/Vlarg Daughter of Rashna

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Vlarg Daughter of Rashna Crew
Attack: 27
Defense: 56
Race Vlarg
Role Special
Attribute Discipline

Vlarg Daughter of Rashna
4. "Of course, my <son/daughter>. More rice and peas?"

She offers you the platter, and you accept it whilst refraining from pointing out that those are actually kidney beans. Clearly her knowledge of horticulture is as dubious as her theology...

"But doesn't that make you..." You frown, wondering quite how to put this. "...a lunatic?"

A young man leans towards you from across the table.

"Would you like some jerk chicken..." The corners of his bright, broad smile twitch. "...or to be brutally slaughtered for your blasphemy?"

Obtained from

Mother Rashna Vault