LotS/Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass

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Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass Officer
Attack: 75
Defense: 74
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Agility

Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass
Killer from Serilla: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Human raids; Extra damage for each of the following in the ship: 'Spectral' Saal, Serilla Specters Blocker, Serilla Specters Medic, Serilla Specters Thrower, Serilla Specters Blitzer
1. "This home crowd really loves those Serilla Stars, Bob!" Jesse Shark said. "Listen to them cheer!"

"That's great, Jesse," Bob 'Blam' Bowser replied, "but adoring fans don't win thugby matches. Not since the league started cracking down on sniper rifles..."

"And... Oh, wow. There... There are the Cythera Sirens. Just... Wow. Transparent thugby armor? We've never seen that before!"

"Ugh! Someone cover those male players up! I don't need to see that while I'm watching a match!"

"That's sexist, Bob! But if it bothers you that much, grab a pair of those anti-nudity blur goggles they're handing out to all the kids."

Obtained from

Serilla Specters Vault