LotS/Vampire of the Void's Mark

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Vampire of the Void's Mark Trinket
Attack: 165
Defense: 60
Vampire of the Void's Mark
Nebular Nosferatu: Chance for bonus damage against Human raids; Small chance for heavy bonus damage against any raid type; Increases Honor by 15
7. "My name is Xarxo, and I'm a-"

"I know who you are, Mr. Xarxo," Svana said. "That's why I came looking for you."

"Oh..." He took a sip of his bloody Mary, winced, and rubbed his battered cheek.

Svana waved at the barmaid.

"Do you have a med-kit?" she asked. "My friend here-"

"Mortal medicine cannot-"

"...got beaten up."

Obtained from

Crimzo the Killer Clown

Used in the following

Mega Chou (1 attack, 5 defense & 300 proc damage boost for each. max: 5)