LotS/Vampire of the Void's Genevieve

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Vampire of the Void's Genevieve Off Hand
Attack: 165
Defense: 60
Vampire of the Void's Genevieve
Nebular Nosferatu: Chance for bonus damage against Human raids (30,750 ); Small chance for heavy bonus damage against any raid type (246,000); Increases Honor by 15
2. Xarxo drank and brooded until his bladder was full. Then he went to the restroom, urinated (whilst still brooding), returned to his seat at the bar, and ordered another bloody Mary.

His reflection returned his gaze in the mirror. This used to trouble him, for many of the things he'd read or watched on his quest for occult knowledge had informed him that vampires had no reflection. But his ingenious nosferatu mind had discerned the possible solution to this conundrum. Archaic mirrors contained silver, a metal known to have powers over his kind. Shifting technologies had rendered their modern descendants impotent. Now a vampire could go undetected. Ah, the mortals no longer even suspected that such ancient and terrible beings walked among them...

Obtained from

Crimzo the Killer Clown

Used in the following

Natasha Cybersmash (3 attack & 690 proc damage boost for each. max: 4)