LotS/Thyestean Banquet Pistol

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Thyestean Banquet Pistol Off Hand
Attack: 740
Defense: 440
Thyestean Banquet Pistol
One Man's Meat: Chance for bonus damage (164,000); Extra damage against Alliance raids (307,500); Extra damage for each Cosmically Deported Vlarg and Cosmically Deported Robot in the active ship (+200); Increases Honor by 5
2. You ignore most of them. Endless fan letters, death threats, naked pictures, requests for naked pictures, and assurances that you've won sundry interstellar lotteries, splatter against the filters you've set up. But now and again there's a communique the systems decide is worth reading, hearing, or watching. Sometimes they're wrong -- as on the occasion when one of Ragnar's old accounts got hacked, and you received a message asking for credits because he was apparently stranded on Pluto. An obvious fake. The real Ragnar Ragnarsson would just hit things until the problem resolved itself.
Obtained from

Lab: Thyestean Banquet Pistol

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Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)