LotS/Thyestean Banquet Cane

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Thyestean Banquet Cane Main Hand
Attack: 740
Defense: 440
Thyestean Banquet Cane
One Man's Meat: Chance for bonus damage (164,000); Extra damage against Alliance raids (307,500); Extra damage for each Cosmically Deported Vlarg and Cosmically Deported Robot in the active ship (+4,100); Increases Honor by 5
1. No <man/woman> is an island. Maybe a peninsula, with minefields across the border and some anti-air defenses... Anyway, no matter how hard you might try to withdraw from the galaxy, people can always reach out and grab your attention. Hence the thousands of messages they fling into cyberspace each day.
Obtained from

Lab: Thyestean Banquet Cane

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)