LotS/Thulmardup Hunt Celebrant

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Thulmardup Hunt Celebrant Crew
Attack: 29
Defense: 29
Race Vlarg
Role Special
Attribute Special

Thulmardup Hunt Celebrant
Thulmardup Hunt Celebrant gains 2 Attack for each of the following who are in the ship: Dr. Holiday, Enlightened Nar, Fawkes
Vlarg historians and zoologists differ over whether the thulmardup ever actually existed, let alone whether it can be found today -- lurking in isolated corners of their planets. But this fabled prey features in numerous Vlarg legends, and during the Thulmardup Hunt festival children are tasked with tracking the creature down in much the same way that human children might be urged to find the Easter Bunny's eggs.
Obtained from

Happy Holidays Vault