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The Voidtrawler Ship
Officers: 20 Officers: 10 Human, 2 Ranged, 2 Healer, 2 Tank, 2 Vlarg, 2 Any
Crew: 52 Crew: 20 Robot, 20 Piscarian, 12 Any
Engineering: 8 Engineering: 1 AI, 5 Weapon, 2 Module
The Voidtrawler

Power Bonus: 200

Assimilate: Chance for bonus damage against Ship raids (2.5% @ 3,075,000); (1%) Chance when attacking a Ship raid to spawn Brown, Grey, Green, Blue, Purple or Orange Battle Debris; +150% ship power bonus against Ship or Organic Humanoid raids
Once the Voidtrawler was a standard salvage barge, scuttling through the dark and untraveled passageways between the stars looking for the adrift and the derelict to salvage and sell for another tank of fuel.

Since the corruption of her captain the ship has been undergoing similar changes. Soon, like her Captain, the modifications and creeping alien tech will be all that remains.

Obtained from

Voidtrawler Vault

Used in the following

Lab: The Voidtrawler II

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)