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The Milky Way

  1. Princess Illaria's Escape (Sian Space)
    The Centurian Collective hunts for Princess Illaria, the last hope of the Sian Empire. Only her champion can save her now.
  2. Legions of Steel (Talos Space)
    Free from the clutches of the Centurians, the Princess and her companions seek aid from TALOS and its robot armies.
  3. Assault on the Zenith (Occupied Sian Space)
    It's time to strike back at the Centurians...
  4. The Search for the Princess
    The Princess had disappeared, whisked away from the Zenith in a flash of light. But she's out there somewhere, and you'll find her even if you have to tear the galaxy apart.
  5. Politics of War (Sol)
    Perhaps it's fitting that the fate of human space might be decided upon Earth, mankind's ancient homeworld.
  6. Aphrodisian Anabasis
    War makes strange bedfellows. And so the Princess must journey to Cythera, the Contella vice-world, to secure that faction's aid against Centurians.
  7. The Right Tools
    A mission as ambitious as the one you're planning can only succeed if you have the proper assets at the ready.
  8. A Masterful Stratagem
    The Centurians are untouchable while the Emperor is in their grasp. It's time to rectify that...
  9. Scean Gates
    She's gone. Now there's nothing left but vengeance.
  10. Because I'm The Wanderer
    The galaxy is so vast. So much space to lose yourself in...
  11. Talia's Team
    If she fumbles, her first match might be her last.
  12. The Prince & The Pixels
    Videogames are dangerous. But so's Telemachus.
  13. The Saga of Drunken Ragnar
    All good stories start with a drink...
  14. Lu Bu's Halloween
    Halloween's for killing and candy. Lu Bu can't eat candy...
  15. A. Puny Human Birthdays
    "Wretched stink-beast! Tell us about these 'birthdays' your pathetic species celebrates, or we shall destroy you with our superior Rylattu technology!"
  16. A2. Puny Human Birthdays II (Twice as puny, and full of goo)
    "Puny human! Continue the birthday tales or suffer immediate disintegration!"
  17. Christmas Chaos
    "Peace on Earth... But they never said anything about the rest of the galaxy."
  18. Music of the Spheres
    "When she sings to the stars, the cosmos becomes her chorus."
  19. Playing with Fire (Part 1)
    "They've been burning for a very long time..."
  20. Playing with Fire (Part 2)
    "You dreamed of fire... But who will burn?"
  21. Between Heaven and Hell
    "Heaven totters on the brink of war, and in the shadows azure eyes blaze."
  22. A3. Tales of The Void
    "The Dark Delight's passengers have stories to share, but what secrets do they hide?"
  23. A4. Tales of The Void 2
    "Stories are powerful indeed. At the Tyraness' court they hold the power of life and death..."
  24. Days of Wu
    "One last game of Weiqi, while the mandarin does what must be done."
  25. Number of the Beast
    "Wu Tenchu's machinations live on..."
  26. Fade to Gold
    "There's a dragon to slay..."
  27. A5. Puny Human Birthdays III
    "Adnan Zebra, return to consciousness immediately or be violently reduced to your inferior human elements!"

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