LotS/The Librarian

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The Librarian Officer
Attack: 45
Defense: 38
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Intellect

The Librarian
Silence in the Library!: Chance for bonus damage (157,850); Extra damage against Human raids (229,600)
"Puny human stink clerks!" The Rylattu student bellowed from between the shelves. "Your archives are unacceptable! Bring me the complete works of this 'Shakespeare' in its native Rylattu or I shall destroy you and your inferior flammable books!"

A hand snaked out from the shadows and grabbed the Rylattu's arm. The alien snarled in pain as ice spread out to cover his body, freezing him solid in a handful of breaths. The Librarian released his grip and stepped into the light, his eyes blazing blue behind tinted glasses, cold steam floating off his crystalline hand and hair.

"I warned you once already," he said quietly. "Disruptions in the Kokytos Library will not be tolerated."

Obtained from

Nutcracker Sweet