LotS/The Hat's Footwear

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The Hat's Footwear Boots
Attack: 82
Defense: 81
The Hat's Footwear
Crime Pays: Chance for double credits
7. "That old white guy you saw me with, in my apartment? That's the Hat. Shh! Keep it down! I've been working for him. He came to my place, said he had something to show me. Told me he wasn't the first Hat, had all these holo-vids and stuff about the other guys who did it before him. And he said he wanted out. He's got too old for this crap. He wants me to take over. Shh! Damn it, Niqua! Keep it down! When you came in, and you saw me and him standing there talking like that... Like a couple of... I was just learning his voice! He wants everyone to think it's the same guy under the mask. I was practicing for tonight. This is it -- my shot at the big time! One job, and I'll have all the creds I need. Then Tech-Fist's going down."
Obtained from

The Hat

Used in the following

Lab: Dark Hat's Footwear