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The Dark Lord Officer
Attack: 45
Defense: 28
Race Rylattu
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

The Dark Lord
Master of Evil: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to negate incoming damage; Evil yel

(8% @ 141,491 damage)

A low-level minion who worked for a planetary tyrant liked to imagine that his children would surpass him, and ascend far higher up the echelons of interstellar evil. Thus he named his firstborn 'The Dark Lord', in the hope of instilling him with proper ambition. Alas, the boy grew up to be more comical than malevolent. However, his upbringing has still left him with a talent for striking sinister poses and making suitably chilling statements.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)

Facilities: Academy

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



The Dark Lord has been known to yell:

The Dark Lord yells: "I demand that you put me in a better ship! This one has inadequate bathroom facilities!"

The Dark Lord yells: "My might is unbounded, unsurpassed, unstoppable, unvincible, and ungrammatical!"

The Dark Lord yells: "Mwahahahahahahahahaha!"

The Dark Lord yells: "I'll destroy you like a Snuuth destroys a buffet!"

The Dark Lord yells: "Fear my awesome power!"

The Dark Lord glares at his enemy in a way which indicates malevolence or constipation.

The Dark Lord lights a cigarette, in blatant defiance of local health laws.

The Dark Lord shakes his fist in an intimidating manner.

The Dark Lord yells: "Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom!"

The Dark Lord yells: "I'll destroy Lena for usurping my rightful spot as a Galaxydome reward!"