LotS/Thaddeus Trest

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Thaddeus Trest Officer
Attack: 122
Defense: 180
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Discipline

Thaddeus Trest
Eccentric Assistant: Chance for bonus damage (11.5% @ 502,250); Extra damage for each unique Archimedes Omega and Tactical Terror set item owned (+2,870; Max: 51,660); Extra damage against Legendary or Nightmare raids (+287,000)
"My experiment is complete!" Professor Mycroft said.

"And the planet's still intact," Thaddeus said. "Does that count as success or failure?"

"A little of both. But I'll do better next time."

Obtained from

Sinaroms Death Flora

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.