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Telemachus Officer
Attack: 6
Defense: 10
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Strength

Rage: Increases Player's maximum Stamina (+10 Stamina).

Telemachus' Attack increases by 3 each if Classic Videogame Cartridge 1 or Classic Videogame Cartridge 2 are owned. Telemachus' Attack and Defense increase by 140 if Telemachus Stat Boost2 is owned

After his queen died, King Salastro of Gallea became even more devoted to their young prince. He doted on him, and could seldom find it in his heart to deny him anything. when his son asked for a combat mech with a cannon on one arm and a laser-edged chainsaw on the other, the king had two built for him.
Obtained from

Mission Boss: Colonel Ironside (Zone 1.4) - Normal Only

Used in the following

Lab: Telemachus2

Required In

Item Hunt: Dragon Cycle
Item Hunt: Red Thunderstorm
Item Hunt: Man of Mystery Equipment Set