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Tamanya Officer
Attack: 54
Defense: 24
Race Piscarian
Role Special
Attribute Agility

Tamanya of Octagon: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Ship raids; Extra damage if Wyth is in the ship; Tamanya's Attack increases by 2 if Oxto is in the ship, and Defense by 8 if Huit is in the ship

(143,500 damage/186,500 vs. Ship)

"Tamanya is the only non-Rylattu pilot to have graduated from one of that species' elite military academies. This impressive accolade is what earned her admission to Octagon. However, although her skills are beyond question, Tamanya's manners are abrasive. Tamanya constantly applies adjectives such as 'puny', 'wretched', 'sniveling', and 'pathetic' to her colleagues. She also threatens them with obliteration when angered. Fortunately, the others appear to find these traits amusing and endearing rather than unpleasant." -- Octopus, the artificial intelligence of Octagon's spacecraft
Obtained from

Lab: Tamanya