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Talia Officer
Attack: 8
Defense: 6
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Agility

Gunslinger: Increases Player's Attack (+20 Attack)

Stat boosts (+3 Attack each):Talia's Photo Album 1, Talia's Photo Album 2

"Talia is an exceptional fighter pilot, and her skill with a pistol borders on the supernatural. But she demonstrates a tremendous recklessness which our best efforts during training have done nothing to suppress. It's a constant wonder that she hasn't managed to get herself killed." - Extracted from Talia's military evaluation.
Obtained from

Mission: Dogfight (Zone 1.2) - Normal Only

Used in the following

Lab: Talia2

Required In

Item Hunt: Red Thunderstorm
Item Hunt: Azrael War Cuirass