LotS/Sven 'Thor' Thorsen

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Sven 'Thor' Thorsen Officer
Attack: 40
Defense: 48
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Strength

Sven 'Thor' Thorsen
Thugby Thunderer: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Sussurran Cheerleader in the ship; Extra damage if 'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp is in the ship

(97,580 damage/ +574 per sussurran cheerleader/ +14,350 if 'Cannon-Arm' Kulgwp is in the ship)

It's rumored that Sven Thorsen earned the captaincy of the Niflung Storm team in the same way he earned his nickname: by punching people in the face and levelling them. But regardless of how he got the job, the team are as loyal to him as soldiers to their warlord. When Sven was injured, carted off the field on a hover-stretcher, every single Niflung Storm player in the match decided to ignore the ball and converge on the person responsible. Most of that individual's carcass was never recovered.
Obtained from

Lab: Sven 'Thor' Thorsen