LotS/Svana Spunbracher

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Svana Spunbracher Officer
Attack: 19
Defense: 19
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Svana Spunbracher
Inspired by the Sagas: Svana's Attack and Defense increase for each Melee crew in the ship

(+5 Attack/Defense)

"Svana Spunbracher has loved literature since she was a little girl, especially the Norse sagas -- which she studied at university, before going on to teach them at Siegfriend School. It's always been her dream to craft such works, and add to that impressive body of literature (in spite of idiot editors who might not appreciate her talent). In her spare time she loves to read, study art, drink Niflung ale, write about herself in the third person, and avoid having axes thrown at her head." -- Svana Spunbracher's 'about the author' blurb
Obtained from

Lab: Svana Spunbracher

Required In

Item Hunt: Azrael War Cuirass


Previously, this officer was announced to give +5 Attack/Defense at level 5. That was a display bug, corrected on may, 8th 2014. Actual damage did not change.