LotS/Stamina Syringe (Greater)

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Stamina Syringe (Greater) Consumable - Refill
Stamina Syringe (Greater)
Restores 10 Stamina
After losing a much publicized match, enraged chess champion Antoly Zaratov demanded that his robot opponent step outside to settle the matter through the medium of physical violence. The human used several stamina syringes, allowing him to ignore his broken bones and tear the robot's head off his shoulders.
Obtained from

Raid Sharing Incentives
Facilities: Chemical Weapons Factory
Consumable Vending Machine
Red Envelope (2011)
Evolving Hero Vault (Level 125)
Evolving Hero Vault (Level 150)
Lab: Stamina Syringe (Greater)

Used in the following

Lab: 50 Stamina Syringe