LotS/Snor Leep Ult

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Snor Leep Ult Officer
Attack: 26
Defense: 26
Race Rylattu
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Snor Leep Ult
Weary Genius: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to create a Snor Leep Ult Grenade
A narcoleptic genius, Snor Leep Ult will frequently lose consciousness at his laboratory workbench – and continue working as he sleeps. He’ll wake hours later, to find several impressive new grenade prototypes in front of him. However, the fact that he survives these somnambular crafting sessions is due in no small part to Mina One, his human assistant. Whenever he’s on the verge of blowing himself up, she hastily intervenes to disarm the device in question.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)



The Snor Leep Ult Grenade is a hidden item and will not show up in inventory.