LotS/Sleesha Wulkar

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Sleesha Wulkar Officer
Attack: 28
Defense: 50
Race Snuuth
Role Special
Attribute Special

Sleesha Wulkar
Supreme Chef: Chance for bonus damage (74,620); Extra damage against organic humanoids (83,230); Chance to restore Health
Sleesha Wulkar is widely regarded as being the greatest of all Snuuth chefs. Reservations at her restaurant sell for absurd prices on interstellar auction sites, and a Piscarian socialite famously ate her husband's spleen when he failed to secure them for her birthday. But Sleesha isn't content to rest on her laurels. Instead, she spends her holidays traveling around the galaxy in search of exciting new ingredients to delight her devotees' palates.
Obtained from

Wahsh Al-Sahraa (Legendary ONLY)