LotS/Sir Brallaghan

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Sir Brallaghan Officer
Attack: 40
Defense: 160
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Discipline

Sir Brallaghan
Frustrate Their Knavish Tricks: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Epic and Colossal raids; Extra damage for each Human crew in the ship; Extra damage for each Novocastrian Honor Guard in the ship; Extra damage if Keltron is in the ship
"From the assassin's blow, from every latent foe, what? That's just the ticket when you're commander of the Novocastrian Honor Guard. Can't have your enemies sneaking about and lopping your politicians' heads off, even if some of them are a bloody nuisance. We're in charge of making sure it doesn't happen. Just last week an assassin tried to get past us by disguising himself as Lord Fauntleroy. But I spotted him right away, because he passed the port to the right. He made a terrible fuss when I tried to apprehend him. Shot me twice. Though he wasn't so full of piss and vinegar once I'd put my sword through him a few times." -- Sir Brallaghan
Obtained from

Limited Time Item (50 GS)