LotS/Serilla Specters Medic

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Serilla Specters Medic Crew
Attack: 24
Defense: 23
Race Human
Role Healer
Attribute Intellect

Serilla Specters Medic
Serilla Specters Medic gains 3 Attack if Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass or 'Spectral' Saal are in the ship
4. "Unbelievable, Bob! Vass cut across half the field to catch that ball! And she's running with it! She's charging right into Sirens territory, where their whole lineup's waiting for her!"

"I'll give Vass credit, she isn't backing down. The girl's fast, Jesse! Hardwood tried to tackle her, and he's eating grass instead! Here comes 'Hussy' Qussi, and... And Vass leveled her!"

"The Sirens are scrambling! Seeing Qussi go down was their wakeup call. They have to take this one-woman team seriously! And that doesn't look good for the Vandal. The whole team's converging on her. There's nowhere left to dodge!"

"And she isn't even trying! She's going straight for them! Vass isn't slowing down!"

Obtained from

Serilla Specters Vault