LotS/Serilla Specters Blocker

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Serilla Specters Blocker Crew
Attack: 17
Defense: 51
Race Snuuth
Role Tank
Attribute Strength

Serilla Specters Blocker
Serilla Specters Blocker gains 3 Attack if Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass or 'Spectral' Saal are in the ship
3. "The referee's asking Vikki 'the Vandal' Vass if she wants to end the match. That might be for the best, Bob."

"Ha! Hear the crowd? Everyone's chanting for her to walk off the field -- home fans *and* away fans. Have they gone soft, Jesse?"

"Maybe they've seen enough fatalities already, and Vikki should listen to their advice. The rest of the Stars' roster's already dead. She needs to get off the pitch while there's still someone left to wear the team colors at their funerals!"

"Vass doesn't see it that way! She's flipping off the Cythera Sirens, pushing the ref out of the way, and telling them to continue the match! That's thugby, Jesse!"

Obtained from

Serilla Specters Vault