LotS/Serilla Specters Blitzer

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Serilla Specters Blitzer Crew
Attack: 25
Defense: 19
Race Vlarg
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

Serilla Specters Blitzer
Serilla Specters Blitzer gains 3 Attack if Vikki 'The Vampire' Vass or 'Spectral' Saal are in the ship
6. Six months later...

"I'm Jesse Shark, here with Bob 'Blam' Bowser. Welcome to another edition of the Thugby Weekly Roundup! And Bob, despite some great matches involving the Warlords of Mars, the Sian Dragons, and the Drekchester Megas, there's one thing on the mind of every thugby fan in the galaxy."

"That's right, Jesse! The viral holo-vid that's spread faster than Space Pox! Let's get it onscreen for any viewers who've been living under a rock..."

"A dark room, eleven coffins... And that chilling text on the screen: 'Cythera Sirens. Halloween. RIP.'"

"Word on the net is that Fuchsia Fox, the Sirens' captain, has accepted the challenge -- whoever it's from. We might be in for some great thugby this October!"

Obtained from

Serilla Specters Vault