LotS/Screaming Barracuda

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Screaming Barracuda Officer
Attack: 23
Defense: 25
Race Piscarian
Role Special
Attribute Special

Screaming Barracuda
Selling a Song: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Wailing Doom is owned; Extra damage if Wailing Doom II is owned; Screaming Barracuda's Attack and Defense each increase by 20 if the Screaming Barracuda Fanatic is in the ship

(52,808 damage if Wailing Doom is owned)

Piscarians tend not to care much for music. And critics often say that Screaming Barracuda is no exception, since anyone who actually cared about music would stop abusing it in the manner for which she's so famous. But her songs have a certain power to them all the same, a primal force which some speculate is the result of latent psychic abilities, raw and untrained. When she plays, her friends are filled with vitality and courage -- while her enemies find themselves buffeted by a cacophony of sound that saps their spirits and ruins their concentration.
Obtained from

Warden Ramiro

Required In

Item Hunt: Mega Multicolored Cloorian Pants