LotS/Sar Nix Flek

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Sar Nix Flek Officer
Attack: 62
Defense: 27
Race Rylattu
Role Any
Attribute Intellect

Sar Nix Flek
Triple Threat: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Organic Humanoid raids; Extra damage if Kelna Vash is in the ship; Sar Nix Flek's Defense increases by 8 if Sheila Dersten is in the ship
"Puny human females! Do you enjoy being even punier than your males, who are already very puny? No? Then you must hire the Triumvirate! We will destroy your enemies and compensate for your wretched puniness with our considerable might!" -- Sar Nix Flek of the Triumvirate
Obtained from

Limited Time Item (50 GS)