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Santa Claus Officer
Attack: 53
Defense: 82
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Special

Santa Claus
"Ho ho ho!": Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Human or Female raids; Extra damage if Ms. Claus is in the ship; Extra damage for each Rylattu Elf or Vlarg Elf in the ship; Chance to block incoming damage
"Ho ho ho ho ho! What? Of course I'm the real Santa! Just look at my birth certificate. I used to hate my parents for it, but that was before my therapist gave me all this wonderful medication. Now I fly around the galaxy handing out Christmas presents and spreading seasonal cheer. Ho ho ho ho ho ho! Huh? The rest of the year? Mostly drinking." -- Santa Claus
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)

Christmas Vault