LotS/Sailfish Selanda

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Sailfish Selanda Officer
Attack: 59
Defense: 43
Race Piscarian
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Sailfish Selanda
Fast Fish: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Piscarian crew in the ship; Extra damage for each Sigma Tsunami Lineman in the ship; Extra damage if Hungry Harmuz or Leaping Lerka are in the ship
"Lerka's thrown the ball to Selanda, Jesse!"

"But she's got three-quarters of the pitch and half the Vultures between her and... Oh my God, Bob! Oh my freaking God!"

"You said it! We have to see that in slow-motion replay! And... Yes, she actually scored before you finished your sentence! That's why they say Sailfish is the fastest runner in the league!"

Obtained from

Limited Time Item (50 GS)