LotS/Ryan Kleoph

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Ryan Kleoph Officer
Attack: 49
Defense: 18
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Discipline

Ryan Kleoph
Carrying a Torch: Chance for bonus damage (172,200); Small chance for heavy extra damage against Alien Beast raids (258,300); Extra damage if Alice Sylana is in the ship (+2,870 / +28,700 for Alice Sylana2 / +31,570 for both)
Short of invasive neurological procedures or psionic indoctrination, none of us choose whom we fall in love with. Otherwise Ryan Kleoph might have selected a woman who has room in her heart for something other than fiery vengeance. Instead, he can only wait and hope -- whilst lending his flamethrower's breath to hers. Perhaps one day Alice Sylana will emerge from the shadow of her terrible tragedy, and be ready to move on...
Obtained from

Lab: Ryan Kleoph