LotS/Roving Postgraduate

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Roving Postgraduate Crew
Attack: 15
Defense: 15
Race Human
Role Healer
Attribute Intellect

Roving Postgraduate
Roving Postgraduate's Attack increases by 1 and Defense by 4 if Doctor Gilda Krea is in the ship
"Postgraduates are a cocky bunch. Just because they have a degree or two under their belts, they think they're scholars. Ha! Come back to me when you've published a renowned work on Piscarian mating habits, delivered a paper to a hall full of Huk-Kral (who'd have eaten you if it wasn't up to scratch), and kicked a Besalaad in the groin. Now those are the marks of a proper academic." -- Doctor Gilda Krea
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)