LotS/Roger Sandrac

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Roger Sandrac Officer
Attack: 34
Defense: 84
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Special

Roger Sandrac
What Laymen Call 'Doom': Chance for bonus damage (10% @ 114,800 damage); Increased proc chance (20.5%) and a small chance to proc twice against Colossal raids; (Level 2+) Small chance for heavy extra damage against Normal raids (4% @ 287,000)
"As a scientist, I usually try to avoid sensationalist terms like 'doom'. But now? Let me put it this way... Penelope Wellerd has done something that might unravel all of time and space. Yes, exactly. 'Doom'. But we may be able to stop it... I had to raid my university's museum to get this outfit. It was built by a man named Aloysius Zeroth, and last time that thing tried to come into our universe, this tech may have been what drove it back out. We'd better hope it still works. Otherwise we're screwed." -- Roger Sandrac
Obtained from

Lab: Roger Sandrac