LotS/Robo-Telemachus Badge

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Robo-Telemachus Badge Trinket
Attack: 225
Defense: 225
Robo-Telemachus Badge
Fan Service: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Robo-Telemachus is owned; Increases Attack by 100
"If you obtained this badge legitimately, it means you're an official member of the Prince Telemachus Fan Club. Congratulations! But if you stole it, please note that Prince Telemachus and any of his authorized representatives reserve the right to hunt you down and kick the crap out of you. So, you might want to give it back before that happens." -- Audio message generated by the Robo-Telemachus Badge
Obtained from

Lab: Robo-Telemachus

Used in the following

Telemachus2 (proc boost)

Felendis (proc boost)