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The Riddle Master is a "mysterious and possibly insane figure" who periodically challenges the community to crack his (or her) riddles in order to obtain the components used to craft certain lab experiments. Based on comments posted to the 5PG forums by Cleomedes, a developer, and LenaGK, the community manager, during Riddle Master item hunts, it is believed that they are the ones who create most or all of the Riddle Master content.

Riddle-solving is a community affair. Multiple players post theories and possible solutions to the 5PG forums. The first person on each platform to complete the Item Hunt by crafting the new experiment item is memorialized with a future in-game item.

The start to each set of riddles appears on the component items required to complete the Experiment. These initial clues are almost always encrypted and, in many cases, lead to additional clues. The riddle solutions direct the player to equip certain items and attack a specific raid. Raid difficulty does not matter. The chance to obtain a particular component is sometimes very low, so persistence is the key to obtaining some of the more elusive Riddle Master items.

The table below contains basic information for each Item Hunt. Follow the "Lab Experiment and Hunt Information" links for information on how to obtain specific components for each lab experiment.

Riddle Master Item Hunts
Item Release Date Lab Experiment and Hunt Information 5PG Forum Guide
Red Thunder]] 2011.04.27 Lab: [1]
Antimatter Whip V2]] 2011.07.27 Lab: [2]
Dragon Cycle]] 2011.09.11 Lab: [3]
Mega Multicolored Cloorian Pants]] 2012.02.22 Lab: [4]
Omega Deathmachine]] 2012.07.27 Lab: [5]
Red Thunderstorm]] 2012.11.21 Lab: [6]
Grand Hujing of the First Emperor]] 2013.02.20 Lab: [7]
Azrael War Cuirass]] 2013.07.17 Lab: [8]
Man of Mystery set 2014.04.16 Man of Mystery set [9]
mp]] 2014.05.07 Lab: [10]
Item Hunts
Item Release Date Lab Experiment and Hunt Information 5PG Forum Guide
Daikaiju Destroyer Rifle]] 2014.09.23 Lab: [11]