LotS/Rex Carnage's Pants

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Rex Carnage's Pants Pants
Attack: 190
Defense: 225
Rex Carnage's Pants
Rex Wrecks: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Rex Carnage's item equipped; Increases Energy by 50, and Attack by 50
"He thought he was done fighting... ('I'm quitting MMA! I'm sick of getting disqualified just because I ripped someone's spine out!') But they had other ideas... ('We've got your daughter!' 'I don't have a daughter!' 'Oh, then she's your wife? You cradle-robbing bastard! Well, if you don't fight, we'll kill her!' 'Noooooooooooooo!') Now Joe Facesmasher is in the most extreme fighting contest in the universe, where if you lose, you lose hard... ('Aaaaargh! There are spikes in this pit!') Come witness brutality... Bloodshed... And maximum Carnage... In Bloodbath Battle XI: Blood to the Max ('Here's his spine. That means I win.')" -- Audio ad for one of Rex Carnage's movies
Obtained from

Limited Time Item (30 GS)

Expedition Pack (Retired)