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Reaper Bot Crew
Attack: 14
Defense: 14
Race Robot
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

Reaper Bot
Reaper Bot's Attack increases by 2 if Grim Reaper is in the ship
28. It wasn't the only surprise. When a Grim Girl who worked for TALOS had spoken to the Reaper months before, and promised to build her a team of robot warriors, the vigilante had been dubious. But now scythe-wielding androids flitted through the ruined rooms and debris-littered corridors of Benz Manado's mansion, cutting down any guards and enforcers they came upon with mechanical ruthlessness. They left Manado himself untouched, however. And Kell had agreed to do the same. The Reaper's stepfather was all hers...
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)