LotS/Ralp Sek Bul

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Ralp Sek Bul Officer
Attack: 67
Defense: 67
Race Rylattu
Role Special
Attribute Special

Ralp Sek Bul
Paranoia to the Fifth: Chance for bonus damage (574,000); Chance to create a Continuum Transfunctioner (Large Plus)
"<Player>! If you don't buy my magnificent products, this pitiful attempt to battle Kulnar-Xex will end in your hilarious destruction! Just listen to testimonials from other pathetic stink-beasts. 49.9% of puny human customers still capable of using their heads agree that 5th Paranoia's weapons are the finest they've purchased all day!" -- Ralp Sek Bul, CEO of 5th Paranoia
Obtained from

Lab: Ralp Sek Bul